Monday, October 11, 2010

Be Festive!

So I didn't realize I had quite the following. As you can see, I haven't done much posting on this blog. Lots of reasons for that...

However, I'm happy to announce that my efforts have been turned to a few new websites.

So Festive! is a site that is dedicated to holiday ideas and traditions. It is updated at least once and week and I am always looking for guest posters.

Guest Books by Mel creates classy photo guest books for any occasion. Check it out! Its the perfect alternative to those boring guest books you know you'll never read again.

Hope to see you over at the new sites!
Keep a package of tissues in your purse. You never know when you'll need one!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday Cleaning

I HATE doing all the cleaning on Saturdays. Who wants to be cooped up inside all day long when there are more exciting things to do on a weekend? That is why in my house I have designated Thursday as our cleaning day. We do all the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and bathrooms on Thursday evenings so we only have to do a quick pick-up on Saturday. Pick a day that works best for you!

Using too many cups?

If your house is anything like mine when I was growing up, you will find lots of cups spread across the counter. My dad would get frustrated if we put his cup in the dishwasher because he was "keeping it to use later". But, if you are like me and can't stand the clutter on the counter, here is a simple solution. Give everyone a water bottle that fits in the door of the fridge. When they are thirsty, they can get a cold drink of water without dirtying one single cup.

For the little guests

When you know your dinner guests will bringing children, set up a little table for them using plastic dinnerware. Cover the table with paper and let them use crayons to entertain themselves. They will think drawing on the table is so fun!


Don't forget to pack a 'thank-you' card in your purse or suitcase when you are out and about. There will be plenty of times when you wish you had one.

A "grape" idea

When you are taking grapes somewhere (in a lunch, picnic, etc), put a paper towel in your bag or container. It will soak up the moisture from the grapes and keep them crisp and fresh!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucky you

Try spraying your sheets with your favorite perfume before you go to bed. It will make you feel like a million bucks! Ironing the sheets can have a similar effect.

Tea Lights

Use tea lights to set the mood for a romantic evening. The more the merrier!

Keep that camera handy

Life happens fast. So keep your camera in a busy part of the house like the family room or kitchen. That way you can capture all of those candid moments before it's too late.

Freeze those bananas

When you have extra bananas, freeze them. You can just plop the whole banana right in the freezer. When you are ready to use it for bread, muffins, or smoothies, just pull it out and let it sit in room temperature for a few hours. No need to dirty another container to freeze them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier

I already admitted that I was not a morning person. However, waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual will help you start your day off right. Especially if you have kids, giving 10-minutes to yourself before they wake up can help you get mentally prepared for the day. Use this time to do exercises, read, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Making exercise easier

If you are like me, I sometimes have a hard time motivating myself to exercise. Here are a few tips of how to make it easier and more enjoyable:

1. Plan out each day when you will exercise.

2. Exercise with someone else.

3. Sign up for a local race. Knowing that you have already registered may motivate you put on yours shoes and get out the door.

4. If you aren't a morning person (and believe me, I'm not) don't exercise in the morning. Pick a time when you feel your liveliest.

Daily sunshine

Summer is gone.

Fall is here to stay.

Be sure to still get 5-minutes of sunshine

to make for a better day.